Are you confuseddiscourageddespaired ?

  • Are you looking for refreshing perspectives on existing truths?

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  • Are you looking for wholesome content all in one place?

Are you looking for refreshing perspectives on existing truths?Do you have nagging questions about your life experiences?Are you confused, discouraged or despaired?Are you looking for wholesome content all in one place?

I'm ajídárà

The wealthy mind.

For many years I thought I could get away with hiding behind the crowd and suppressing every thought or idea that popped in my head, but time has proven to me beyond reasonable doubt, that suppressing myself is a selfish and unproductive way to live.

Now, my life’s purpose is to share the insights I draw from God’s Word, my life experiences and happenings around me with anyone who cares to listen.

I express these insights best in writing – my primary language, but I also enjoy the art of presentation, so I present some of these thoughts through audio-visual channels as well.

Essentially, is a bank of my expressions.


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How God Helps The Disadvantaged

In Yoruba parlance, when you want to explain how a disadvantaged man could have become successful in his endeavour, you say it in a phrase which can be translated: “It was God who gave glory to his lazy self”, where lazy is used to mean some form of weakness or disadvantage. In ancient Israel, a story...


Go Again!

In 2014, I applied for a job in my current workplace. After scaling the screening exam, I had a smooth even impressive interview, and felt I had the job locked down. Alas, I didn’t get it. What disappointment I suffered. You see, at that point in my life, I desperately needed a win, that job...

Importance of people in your life

Place a Premium on People

Sometime ago, I put out a poll on social media on what people thought they needed more to fulfil their dream; people, cash or skill. Majority went with cash like I expected, skill came in second, fewer people thought they needed people more. But I’ll tell you what I need more: People. Because the right people can connect...


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