Are You Worth Your Salt?

Are You Worth Your Salt?

Have you ever been discouraged by the way a potential mentor responded to you?

How could they not have recognized your potential, you asked yourself.

I’ve felt that way too; mine did not respond at all.

The truth is, most times people can’t immediately see you for who you are, even the spiritual ones.

Not everyone can be John the Baptist who recognized and endorsed Jesus even from a distance, or his mother Elizabeth, who had penetrating insight into Mary’s womb to see she was carrying the saviour of the world.

Even as Esther, you don’t just walk into the courts of the King, introduce yourself, and expect him to take an immediate liking to you.

No! You go through Hegai, undergo twelve months of packaging and re-branding, then participate in a beauty contest before the King notices you.

So instead of trying to approach the King, what you need to do is connect with Hegai first.

Hegai is not as fastidious as the King, he can easily be impressed by you, and help with all the secrets you need to please the King.

Everyone gets an Hegai. A helper like the Holy Spirit, who is accessible, who can help even in your ignorance and weakness, who can pick you from the streets and transform you into a palace ready beauty; who the King finds irresistible.

When you are worth your salt, you won’t seek audience with the King, He will invite you into his chambers.

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