Chronicles of ajidara – The Centre-Piece #1

Chronicles of ajidara – The Centre-Piece #1


I am a lady of the arts

Brilliant, gorgeous, multi-talented and fabulous one

Who am I not to be?

I am a child of God

My playing small does not serve the world

I am a Light

A city set on the hill that cannot be hidden

On paper, I am a writer and a painter

I work with a double tipped pen filled with ink and colour

I write words with the ink

And I paint the words in different colours

Colours of realism and optimism

Colours of humour and candour

The multihued expose which results

Reflects the beauty of the creative mind

With which the creator has blessed me

My mind and hand are the best of friends

They work with such a synergy

Difficult to segregate

But there’s also a distinct connection

Between my hand and my spirit

So that the things I write

Are not only products of my artistic mind

But also dictations from my recreated human spirit

From where the words gush

Like rivers of living water

I write about my convictions

Ever strong and compelling

I write about my life

Ever dramatic and peculiar

I write songs

Lyrics which rise from the depths

Of my encounters and experiences

I am an avid narrator

My tales never fail to amuse my readers

As expected I act pretty well too

Ever intriguing my audience

On stage, I am a singer and a preacher

I sing not with the sweetest voice

But with a voice recognized by the One

To whom I sing

Strumming the strings of my guitar

Or making rhythms with the microphone

My hands never remain still

As I sing the way I know how

Ask me questions about the message I preach

And then I may stutter

But place me before an audience

And my fears dissolve

My stuttering tongue becomes fluent

And I don’t stop

Until I infect my audience

With the same passion

The same life, the same light

I have received

In everyday life, I’m just a human like any other

With faults and weaknesses

But I have One on whose strength I rely

Who has adorned me with grace

And made me an ambassador of the same

Arts is what I love to do

It numbs my pain and makes me high

I am a lady of the arts

I am out to inspire

And all I’m doing now

Are only rehearsals for what is yet to come

Because where I come from

Our lights never dim

We only shine brighter and brighter

Until we are called back to the city of Lights

From where we came


Would you then help me ask this self-acclaimed lady of the arts what she’s doing in med school?

Wouldn’t one have thought that she would have chosen more related disciplines in the arts?

But no! She didn’t. She chose Medicine. Me-di-cine! – sickness, disability, death! Now, how does that sync with the picture of herself she has just painted?

I think she is confused and I’m not surprised.

When in SS 1 she was placed in arts class based on an aptitude test, she started crying and ran home to daddy.

Concerned daddy went with her to see the vice principal who agreed to put her in science class after much persuasion.

But after a while when chemical equations and equilibrium of forces began to intimidate her, she started wondering how she would have enjoyed just reading literature and studying history.

When again she was admitted into the University for Pure and Applied Chemistry based on her pre degree result, this time she ran to mummy.

Influential mummy saw to it that the vice-chancellor smuggled her into Medicine, through a private supplementary list which never saw the insides of a notice board.

But after a while again when she found out how different anatomy, physiology and biochemistry were from biology which she loved, she started wishing she had simply studied microbiology.

And now, still stuck in med school while her mates are either working their way up their careers or starting families, her eyes are finally opened to her artistic potentials.

And she can’t stop wishing she didn’t have big medical books vying for the time she would have gladly spent writing or making music.

If you ask me, this stupid girl should have simply gone through art class where she would have discovered her talents early enough, honed it and by now be on her way to becoming a compound mega star.

Better still if she had stuck with the five year course she was admitted for, she would have since finished school and would have had some time to pursue what she loves to do before other responsibilities came knocking.

But now that she’s sentenced to a life of emergencies, call duties, unending studying; which she must do in combination with mothering and wifing, she’s telling us about writing stories….and preaching….and singing….

Tell me, how on earth does she intend to do all these? Wait a minute! I think she intends to convert hospital wards to her stage with patients as her audience. I can’t stop laughing!

To be continued

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