Chronicles of ajidara – The Trailer

Chronicles of ajidara – The Trailer

I’m a single woman in her mid-thirties sticking out my neck from the field of Medicine into the Media space. I like what I see, and I want to teleport completely into this space, but each time I think in this direction, my stomach rumbles in protest: “you have to think about me, how will you feed me?” So for now I remain in the middle.

The tales I have to tell in the chronicles of ajidara will centre around my life journey, my faith and everything else the future brings. The first four chronicles were first published in 2012/2013 on my wordpress blog back in the day when I started doing dress rehearsal for what we now know as

My life is in fact a muse. How can I let these stories be forgotten without telling them? How can I let these feelings fizzle away? There is so much I have to share, so much drama and lessons to learn. My life is like a best seller novel with a complex plot, suspense, twist and turns. Writing this novel as it acts itself out gives me so much thrill I’d rather not pass up.

If you’re having a hard time fitting into the constructs of society, you need to realize that unusual is not abnormal. Rather, unusual presents society with a phenomenon that should be studied.

So join me as we explore this conundrum called ajidara.

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