Chronicles of ajidara – Wedding steps #3+

Chronicles of ajidara – Wedding steps #3+


Since I made adecision of seeing every wedding I attend as a step closer to mine, my perspective about weddings has changed. Weddings to me are no longer events to be attended mindlessly, but like a photographer who would have to print out pictures afterwards; I’m usually attentive to catch every moment, every memory that can be framed into words.

On this wedding however, due to an inexorable delay, all I could catch at the service was the couple’s walk down the aisle. Still, that sight was sufficient for me.

The smile on the bride’s face was like a tree of life; it was the smile of one who had awaited that day for so long. Her dress; long and fitted, mirrored her grace and charm; and the hand which held her colorful bouquet rested comfortably in the arm of the man who had captured her heart.

As for the groom, there was only one message for me on his face, it came through a smile singling me out in the crowd and saying: And you thought I didn’t stand a chance, keep watching as I whisk her away, she’s mine! *winks*

All I did was smile back, grateful that no one else could hear what that triumphant smile had said to me. And I kept watching, as I have done for the past eight years until they were out of sight. Then, I let out a sigh, what a happy ending….. and a beautiful beginning!

At the reception, I sat at the same table with the girls. Although I hadn’t talked much since I’d met them, still I didn’t feel out of place like I ordinarily would. I then had a name to the one and a half familiar faces, and the pretty jolly friends amused me with their frequent banter.

Every one of her friends knows that the bride cannot carry a tune successfully to the end of a song, so I had assumed she would be a terrible dancer. But as I stood with other friends lining the aisle as the couple danced into the reception venue, I became the terrible dancer. I simply could not keep up with the beat as I watched the bride creating unusual steps and dancing with so much vigor that left me dazed. Even the groom could not keep up with those steps; maybe he was as surprised as I was.

After I had gotten over my initial uneasiness with the groom, I had come to know him as a simple good-humored guy, very easy to get along with. But then as he stood to give the vote of thanks, his confident smile and peaceful mien left me wondering why I had not liked him at first.

Nonetheless, whatever it was, it didn’t matter anymore. My friend had made a smart choice even when I thought she was incapable of it, and seeing how perfect they were together just made me realize how wrong I was.


I’ve always dreamed of a beautiful and perfect wedding, one where I would be surrounded by friends and family; who would come from far and near to celebrate with me. But instead of sitting around, wishing that my wedding turns out the way I want it, I thought it a good idea to add my little bit to as many friend’s wedding as I could.

But then as I sat at the far end of the hall waiting for the couple to round up the last dance, the voices in my head resumed their speeches.

“So let’s count, who and who do you think would attend your wedding anyway? If you think about it, all your friends would be married by the time you are sending out invitations. So even if they come, they would either be sitting in a corner feeding their babies or wobbling about with globular ballooned bellies. But here you are jumping around, secretly hoping they would return the favour when the time comes. If you ask me, I don’t think you should get your hopes up girl!”

It made perfect sense. Of all the dreams I’ve had since childhood, none had ever come true exactly the way I dreamed them; how could my dream wedding be any different?

“Hello oo! I can’t believe you’re falling for that. I thought by now you would know better than to follow that voice. In the morning when she mocked your dressing, what did I tell you? Have you seen your mother-in-law anywhere? I think you should not stop sowing goodwill, neither should you stop dreaming perfect things. You may not reap what you sow in the exact way you sow it, but the God who sees in secret will always reward you in unexpected ways. And as for your dreams, surely someday….”

Then the music died, interrupting my thoughts. It was time to go!

I stepped outside and as I did, I met the father of the bride. I had only just met him the day before but he had related to me like someone who had known me for a long time. So I stopped and congratulated him and as I made to go, he held me and opened his mouth in prophecy. He prayed for me like someone who knew all about my life, uttering the same words that I’ve heard the Lord speak to my spirit. I was touched and deeply moved, I felt like crying…..and just then I heard that whisper again You see! You’re reaping already – in unexpected ways!

Then I smiled, grateful that I had come all the way to rejoice with my good friend and was being blessed in the end.

Sir, that’s my story! And I must confess I do not regret attending this wedding at all. I’m aware that there may be consequences following my action, but I want to assure you that it’s not my usual practice to abscond from school, and it will not repeat itself. That I can guarantee, because there’s no wedding on my calendar till graduation. Thanks for your anticipated understanding.

Yours faithfully,


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