Doctor’s Reward

Doctor’s Reward

One thing my job has exposed me to is being around a lot of people and I never knew that was an issue until I was faced with it.

The first layer of people I’m around are co-workers; other doctors, nurses, hospital assistants, pharmacists, health records staff, administrative and hospital sanitation staff. I mean, that’s a lot! For me it is.

The next layer are the patients themselves. My VIP clients, the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I breathe air and the reason I get salary at the end of the month. They know this and they act like so, most of them they are very demanding.

Then the next layer are the patient relatives. This group? They can be troublesome in some cases. If you ever heard of an altercation between health workers and patients, these are most likely the group responsible for that. Because most times the patient themselves are too ill to make trouble.

But not all patient relatives come to the hospital to make trouble. Some of them are so nice and understanding that they give you wads of cash in appreciation of your service.

Although I’ve not met this kind frequently in my practice, I do remember a particular one I met as a medical student. I was in O&G posting and this woman had just delivered a baby. I can’t remember the details, but a particular relative of the woman whom I knew met me and asked if it was okay to give the doctor some money.

I responded that the doctor may not collect the money but he could try. What did I know? I thought doctors were angels who were satisfied with doing their work and expecting no reward for it. Maybe they even collect salary just because the government forces it into their account every month.

When this particular doctor did not even do that thing where you hesitate a while before collecting the money, I started to have a re-think of my ideology. Years later when I started practicing, I became more aware and realized that the reward part was very important too.

I started this post really wanting to talk about co-workers, the first layer of the people I find around me but I ended up talking about money, salary and rewards. But then, we have all the time in the world to talk about anything and everything about medical practice on this blog.

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Before I sign out though, let me ask you this: If you’re a medical doctor, what do you think about receiving gifts from patients or their relatives? And if you’ve ever been a patient relative, we know the doctor is not hungry, I just want to know if it has ever crossed your mind to give the doctor a gift to appreciate their service.

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