Enjoy Your Journey

Enjoy Your Journey

In 2008, I made my first trip overseas. It was during a long break from school. An unexpected opportunity opened up for me to visit Scotland, and was I glad?

When it became certain I was really going – because at first I thought it was a prank – I started drawing vivid imaginations in my head of how ‘ilu oyinbo’ would look like, and how I would feel when I landed there in slow motion.

However, weeks later when I returned to Nigeria, I wrote a piece about my travel and this is what I had to say about arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland:

“I had this feeling, the kind you have when you’ve looked forward to something for so long. In your mind you’ve painted so many different pictures of how it would look like, wondered how emotions would well up inside you. Sometimes you even think you’d jump or scream or cry, but when you are faced with the reality, many times it doesn’t look anything like the pictures you’ve painted. Although you feel something, it’s not like anything you thought you’d feel. You don’t jump, scream or cry, you just smile and say to yourself ‘so this is it?’ That was exactly how I felt on our way home from the airport”

At other times, you may have a greater euphoric feeling when you get to moments you have dreamed about.

Take the day I got the call for my current employment for example; after disturbing the peace of the entire neighbourhood for about an hour, screaming and dancing to praise and worship, I could not sleep until the early hours of the next morning, I kept tossing and turning on my bed in disbelief at my good fortune. But of course even that huge dose of elation did not last the first week on the job.

The truth is, euphoria no matter how intense it gets, is a fleeting feeling. If you’ve not learnt how to enjoy your journeys, your joy will be fleeting.

We need to realize that every destination only sets the stage for another journey.

So instead of hanging your joy on destinations, learn to enjoy your journey because at the other side of that destination you are so expectant of now, is another journey.


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