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Family Doctor’s Pen

Let me tell you a secret.

In 2020, I wrote a resignation letter from my current job. Of course I never submitted the letter, I couldn’t have, since I had no other viable source of income, a money printing machine or any individual who could support me.

But why did I want to quit my job?

Because often when we encounter difficulties, our first instinct is to quit. We are often not patient enough to seek other ways of resolving the difficulties or solving the problems, we just want the fastest way out.

A while back I said in one of my youtube videos that before you quit anything, do it differently, change your approach. That may be all you need, to bring life back into whatever it is you’re doing.

Today I’m still working my job but I’m doing it differently. I’m creating content on a regular basis and that has helped in no small way in boosting my morale. Now I even see a way to merge my profession and my creative abilities.

But something forced me to stay long enough to see a way out – responsibilities. If I had no responsibilities, if I had a support system or a money printing machine, maybe I wouldn’t have stayed long enough to see the innovations that I’m currently working on. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

I once said this: “Nothing advises us better than adversity, it serves as spectacles to help us see what we wouldn’t see unaided”

Dear reader, never bemoan the difficulties you encounter in life, they are there to open your eyes to things you wouldn’t see otherwise, things you wouldn’t see if everything was rosy.

And never bemoan responsibilities, because they help you become better. As a surgeon, as long as you keep operating with senior colleagues who could take responsibility or bail you out when you encounter difficulties, you will never gain confidence. But once you start operating with junior colleagues and the responsibility for the patient falls on you, when you encounter difficulties on the table, you start seeing the way out, you become better and gain confidence.

So, what difficulties are you currently dealing with? Are you thinking of quitting or are you working through those difficulties and training your eyes to see other ways of dealing with the problems?

Never forget that adversity and responsibilities are your allies, learn to leverage them.

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