Go Again!

Go Again!

In 2014, I applied for a job in my current workplace. After scaling the screening exam, I had a smooth even impressive interview, and felt I had the job locked down. Alas, I didn’t get it. What disappointment I suffered. You see, at that point in my life, I desperately needed a win, that job could have saved my life, but I didn’t get it.

Three years later, the same establishment advertised for a higher position than the one I was denied. When I saw the advert my heart literarily skipped beats, because as much as getting the job would be unthinkably good even at that time, I was still sore from the previous disappointment, and wasn’t sure I wanted to risk the heartbreak again.

But a lot of experiences over the years had taught me to never give up opportunities for fear of failure. So even though it cost me a great deal of physical and emotional stress, I applied again, went through the tedious screening and interview, this time I made it.

And like I’ve shared before, there is yet to be a parallel to the joy I felt when I received the call to start in less than a week.

Today, each time I look back, I realize this job had been prepared for me all along, like it had my name written on it and reserved, even at that time when I tried to access it and was rejected.

I said all that to say this: Preparation incites desire; whatever is prepared is first revealed to you as a yearning in your heart for the same. And if you desire it, there’s a chance you will move toward it before time.

So, that you were denied access when you started toward your desire may not mean it isn’t prepared, it just may mean you missed the timing.

Now that you’ve given it some time and you’ve built capacity, why not go again?

Are you ready to give it another shot, or you’re willing to wait some more?

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