House Hunting

House Hunting

So obstetrics and gynaecology posting is gradually winding down, and it’s been a very eventful three months.

I met you because I started this blog, I started a new youtube channel, I failed to secure a new accommodation, I had many sleepless nights and days from very frequent calls, these are highlights I can remember right now on the top of my head.

And yes I met many new people and created content a lot more. In the last two weeks I also delivered two presentations, one in O&G and the other in my native department. Both went well, even though I put things off to the last minute before working on them. So of all these events, which one should I talk about?

Maybe the accommodation.

In Jan 2020, coincidentally during my first O&G rotation, I secured my current accommodation. And it was such a joy because I had been house hunting for some months before, without any success. An agent just called me while I was in clinic and told me of an offer. The house was crazy expensive but luckily I only had to pay for about five months because I was renting from someone moving out before the expiration of their rent.

I was ecstatic at the news. I moved in just a few days after. So I had hoped for a similar story when I started serious house hunting during this posting. I came close to getting one at some point, so much that I excused myself from work to go see the legal team in charge of the house but in the end, it was just a waste of time.

Now, I’m still in the same house which by the way is close to my place of work and has all the amenities you want in a house. So why did I want to leave in the first place you ask. The landlord increased the rent by 20%. Did I have the money? Yes! But I didn’t think it was worth it paying such an amount for the house.

And this makes me think back to that time around the pandemic when I wanted so badly to quit my job. A job that catered well for my financial needs. But why did I want to quit my job so badly you ask. I felt the job was too demanding. Did I have what it took to meet those demands? Yes! But I didn’t think it was worth it staying on a job that demanded so much from me.

Do you see a pattern there?

Whatever is giving you joy now, a time will come when that joy will be tested, because that thing will demand more from you. And when that happens, don’t try to jump ship. Ask yourself this question instead: can I meet these demands if I put in the efforts? If the answer is yes, put in those efforts and you’ll find that your joy will be replenished.

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