I Am Nigeria

I Am Nigeria


I need no elaborate introductions

My name speaks volumes already

I am known for many things good, very bad and very ugly

Blessed with a lot of resources – human, natural, name it

Over the years I have evolved, many say for the worse

Many who knew me when I was much younger, affirm that I’ve had better days

At a tender age of 51, many believe I’ve failed woefully as a nation

Because of this verdict, I have been pitied, ridiculed and deserted 

A lot of people have given up hope on me

According to them, I could never amount to much because of the years I’ve wasted going around in circles

These opinions are however not without substantiation

Seeing that I lack many things a nation my age should boast of

And all efforts by well-meaning people to help me up in the past have not yielded appreciable results

Before now, even I had begun to give up on myself

I had allowed unfavorable circumstances that surrounded me to dampen my morale

I had allowed myself to be dressed down and pushed around

Wallowing in self-pity and believing very little of myself

Waiting for my salvation, unsure when it would come

I knew my help could only come from God, considering how much disappointments I had suffered in the hands of people – successive Governments

Who promised much but delivered little or nothing at all

I had gone from trusting and expectant to cynical and indifferent

Every day I felt hope slipping away as I sank lower in despair

Often I slipped out of my prayerlessness and cried to God at the heights of my desperation

But it seemed His face was far away from me

I had then begun to wonder if I would ever rise again

But at the beginning of this year something was stirred in me

Though the year seemed to have brought greater difficulty with it

I heard a word behind me saying

“In an acceptable time have I heard thee

And in a day of salvation have I helped thee

Therefore arise, shine for your light has come

And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee”

Now I know, that as I journey through this Year

I’ll dare to hope once again

Though I’ve toiled all night without catching any fish

I will cast my net one more time

Six times I have fallen, I will rise again the seventh time

Even though I feel like a dry tree that has lost every sign of life

I believe like men of old that

“There is hope for a tree if it is cut down

It will sprout again

Though its root may grow old in the earth

And its stump may die in the ground

Yet, at the scent of water it will bud

And bring forth branches like a plant”

I am persuaded that

“He who has shown me great and severe troubles

Shall revive me again

And bring me up again from the depths of the earth

He shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side”

The Lord will hasten it in its time.

And now, as I cry unto God continually for the fulfilment of His word concerning me

I will also begin to confess positively about my future and my leaders until I see the change I desire

My future is bright and shiny

I am Nigeria, and

I am blessed.

You were tagged in this note because you’ve either liked or commented on my posts for the past 21 days. For 21 days I’ve posted prophecies pregnant with revelation for Nigeria from Isaiah chapter 60. Now, I call on you to take a step further from a click on your computer, to opening your mouth in prayers for Nigeria.

In the 21 days that I’ve begun to pray for this nation after the events that started the year – subsidy removal and the protests that followed, I have seen and heard enough to know and be convinced that there is hope for this nation. If you’ve ever felt like Nigeria in this note like I have, if you’ve ever been in a hopeless situation from which God delivered you; why won’t you believe the same for this country?

This nation has not reached an irredeemable state. When God asked Prophet Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones if the very dry, hopeless bones could live again; his reply is similar to the attitude of many Nigerians when asked about the future of this country- ‘O Lord God, you know’ but God said ‘Prophesy!’

Nigerians, today God is saying to you-Prophesy! If you’ve been praying for Nigeria before and you have not seen results, you need to change tactics from intermittent fire brigade prayers to continuous prophetic declarations. The difference is that fire brigade prayers that we are so fond of in this country, are mostly driven by fear and God does not so much respond to prayer of fear as He does to prayer of faith inspired by His Word.

God watches over His word to perform it. So if you pray and enforce the word of God with faith, He is under obligation to fulfil it. If you are not sure which words of prophecy relates to Nigeria, you can start with Isaiah Chapter 60 and before you know it God will begin to drop scriptures in your heart with which to pray.

God is raising watchmen for this country, men who shall never hold their peace day or night; who will give God no rest until He makes Nigeria a praise in the earth. Don’t be left out, because if you remain completely silent at this time; relief and deliverance will arise for Nigeria from another place…………

Remember, the husbandman that laboureth must be first partakers of the fruits.

I am Nigeria, You are Nigeria, God is counting on us.

Nigeria is blessed.




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