Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive


Verse 1

When I was a little girl

I had a lot of dreams

I believed in fairy tales

Was the queen of my own castle

But then I grew up and life awakened me

Dreams disappearing, hope slipping away

But just before I threw my hands up in the air

I hear his Spirit whispering to me


Keep hope alive, don’t let it die

Dreams come true, you just gotta believe

Keep hope alive, don’t let it die

Even if it tarries, you gotta wait for it

Verse 2

In my dreams by now

I should be changing the world

I should be ahead and not behind

But I’ve been down for so long

So much I began to wonder

Will I ever rise again?

Will my dreams come true?

But just before I threw my hands up in the air

I hear His Spirit whispering to me



With all the strength left in me

I’ll dare to hope again

Though the fig tree may not blossom

Yet I will rejoice

Cos I know

Refrain: I will rise again

I dedicate this song to Nigeria – God’s chosen country.

Although I wasn’t thinking of Nigeria when I wrote this song, now that I think about it; I imagine what great dreams our founding fathers must have had for this country after they gained independence.

But today, Nigeria is a far cry from anyone’s dreams. In fact not many people are dreaming on her behalf anymore. Recently a friend was sharing with me how he had become discouraged by the unchanging trend of corruption in the leadership. But we must not stop dreaming.

We must not allow the overwhelming odds threatening our nation to blind us from the glorious future ahead.

“While we do not look at the things which are seen

But at the things which are not seen

For the things which are seen are temporary

But the things which are not seen are eternal” 2Cor 4:18

At every point in time, we are looking at something. Either we are looking at things which are seen – overwhelming odds and everything wrong with Nigeria, or looking at the things which are not seen.

Those things which are not seen are not seen because they don’t exist yet. They are in the future – ours to shape. The shaping of that future begins in our imagination.

If then we have the power to shape the future, why wouldn’t we dare to dream. Our dreams flying on the wings of faith can go ahead of us to create the future we desire.

What is seen right now, we may not have power over. But we decide what we want to see in the future of this country. If a bomb goes off, someone may decide to see another civil war and disintegration in the future while I decide to see a peaceful country where boko haram and suicide bombs will become something of an alien past with northerners and southerners living together in peace.

For those who may wonder how dreams could stop bombs and address pertinent issues, remember I said the shaping of our future begins in our imagination, it doesn’t end there.

When it comes to national issues, many Nigerians are angry, critical, pessimistic people who will turn out exactly like those leaders they so vehemently criticize if put in office. Over time all they have done is criticize and abuse the incapable fools in Government so that by the time they find themselves on the stage, they are not prepared.

They have no convictions that have grown stronger over years, no dreams that have become so real in their hearts after decades, no mental picture of the country they want to build; only manifestos, impromptu 10-point agendas and a determination to outdo their predecessors which breaks under the pressure of office.

We who have the chance now must begin to cultivate unchanging values, determine to maintain positive attitudes, build up convictions and never stop dreaming of a transformed Nigeria.

It would have been easier if when we were born, we had tags around our umbilical cords indicating those who would become Presidents, Governors and Senators. Because then we would have just separated those people and prepare them for their assignments. But since we do not have that luxury, like a boy scout we must all be prepared. For in fact you, my reader may find yourself on that stage someday soon.

I dream of a Nigeria where violence shall no longer be heard, neither wasting nor destruction within her borders. Is. 60:18.

I dream of a Nigeria whose righteousness shall go forth as brightness and her salvation like a lamp that burns. Is. 62:1

I dream of a Nigeria where passers-by will say that this land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden; and the wasted, desolate and ruined cities are now fortified and inhabited. Ezek. 36: 34, 35

What are your own dreams?

In this song, like the Spirit of God whispered to the grown up girl faced with the realities that threatened to take her dreams away from her; He is crying aloud to us:

Keep hope alive Nigeria

Don’t let it die

Dreams come true

You just gotta believe

Even if it tarries

We gotta wait for it.

Nigeria is blessed.


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