Meet Ajidara

I'm ajídárà

the wealthy mind.

For many years I thought I could get away with hiding behind the crowd and suppressing every thought or idea that popped in my head, but time has proven to me beyond reasonable doubt, that suppressing myself is a selfish and unproductive way to live.

Now, my life’s purpose is to share the insights I draw from God’s Word, my life experiences and happenings around me with anyone who cares to listen.

I express these insights best in writing – my primary language, but I also enjoy the art of presentation, so I present some of these thoughts through audio-visual channels as well.

Essentially, is a bank of my expressions.

Reflections are wisdom bites from a summation of my exposures, life experiences and biblical principles that I believe will supply answers to your questions.

Chronicles are my life stories told in the most intriguing and inspiring ways, encouraging you to own your story.

Articles are a collection of my writings inspired by biblical principles, events, and hot topics which I believe will supply you fresh insights on existing truths.

In my podcasts, I speak on insights from my daily spiritual journal which I have kept for fifteen years.

And in my YouTube videos, I freestyle and do it the ajidara way.

I’ve had some very low moments in life when I’d wish there were someplace I could go for wisdom on what to do, or new ideas to refresh me. Well, I’ve created a table here at for myself, and for others in search of a variety of wholesome content all in one place.

It’s my sincere hope that you leave this site fuller than you came. Don’t leave in a hurry, when you’ve had your fill, log off and come back later.

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Thank you for dropping by. Stay inspired!