Meet Dr Snow

Meet Dr Snow

Like I said in a previous post, I work with a number of people (more than I would have preferred), so I’ve met a good number of people in the course of my work.

The nature of my specialty makes me work with even more people. I meet new people when I go on postings, which is very often. As a Junior Resident, I did a total of thirteen postings, some of them in different hospitals.

But for most of these people, I only have to relate with them for a little while, before I get to know them well enough, and I’m like okay, bye, I’m on to the next set of people.

But thing is, this arrangement suits me well because I’m a people person, only for five minutes. When we meet I have a warm smile for you and a few pleasantries but my friendliness expires in about five minutes when I retire to my world.

In my current posting, I’ve met new people as well, and by now I’ve decided who my favorite people are and those I may want to keep at an arm’s length. Of course I may change my mind as I get to know them better but for now, my most favorite person is Dr Snow.

Of course that’s not their real name but what endears me to them is their ability to communicate effectively with patients.

In medical practice, communication is key. The way you communicate with patients is what determines whether they feel at ease or not, it determines whether they leave your consulting room more confused than when they came or they leave with clarity and a smile.

Right this moment, I can still see the smile on the face of a woman I saw with Dr Snow, she was so satisfied with the consultation that she was full of gratitude on her way out the door.

But why am I not like Dr Snow more often? That’s a question for me.

The question for you is, are you like Dr Snow or how often do you meet someone like Dr Snow?

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