My Atypical Call

My Atypical Call

There was nothing typical about my last call.

First, I entered the call room and saw the bed neatly dressed in a new beautiful blue and white bedsheet. I smiled, but I didn’t know that was a good omen intimating me of the fact that I would sleep through the entire night without my phone ringing even once – the strangest thing it was.

Then there was the food. Ever since I started taking calls in this posting I had been patronizing the hospital canteen which served awful food with very small meat, that I usually gulped down singing “soon it will be over”.

But on my penultimate call, I walked into the canteen around 6pm and the attendant flippantly told me there was no food. I was hurt to my stomach. What do you mean there’s no food, so I should go sleep in hunger? And that was what I did, I downed a can of malt and slept on a half empty stomach.

So still hurt from the last disappointment, I had planned to not go near the canteen, besides I didn’t even have a meal ticket yet, since it was early in a new month.

The second atypical thing that happened though was that I ordered chicken republic refuel max spicy rice, the one with coleslaw. But unfortunately, inflation had happened to my beloved affordable rice, the price had increased by two hundred and fifty naira.

As if that was not enough, the quantity of the rice and the size of the chicken had also suffered a major downsizing. But at least it was minimally better than the hospital canteen food. And the fact that it was delivered by a man on a bike and in white fluffy plates also made it a better experience I guess. But then, there was the fact that it cost me one thousand, six hundred and fifty naira instead of zero naira for call food.

It made me remember call food when I was a medical student. Call food that came in china plates and was delivered to the doctor’s call room. I may have tasted it once when a generous doctor gave out his food to hungry medical students. But if that actually happened in reality or in my dream, I can’t say for sure. Still, that was in another institution and several years ago. Things had changed.

The third atypical thing about my last call was that I caught it all on tape, at least parts of it. That morning, I had woken up kinda sad and to gain some excitement, I decided to film my day that day and post it on my youtube channel. And it worked! Catching the events of the day on camera was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be.

The only problem is that I don’t know if I want to go ahead to edit and upload the video on my channel. Left to me, even if I don’t upload the video, I know I would watch it on my phone on some days and it would cheer me up.

So what do you think? To upload or not to upload?

One more thing, I recorded a reel during the call, watch it on my new instagram handle @familydoctorlens.

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