New Cases Everyday

New Cases Everyday

Two weeks ago, I was in my primary place of work, already bored with the routine I’ve had to go through over the last couple of months. There’s a whole story there, but I’d rather not broach that subject for now.

What I really want to talk about is the joy I derive from moving to new environments and experiencing a change in my job description every once in a while. This is why I don’t think I could have enjoyed practicing any other medical specialty.

I can’t imagine being in an endocrinology unit, having to manage the same diabetes mellitus over and over again. In medical school, I told myself that instead of asking us which part of Medicine we wanted to specialize in, what our teachers should really ask us is which disease we’re comfortable managing for the rest of our lives.

For me the answer is none, that’s why despite its challenges, I think Family Medicine was and is still the best match for me because it allows me the benefit of seeing a myriad of cases every day, from malaria to malignancies, to somatic symptom disorder, I see them all.

And you know what’s more exciting? I see perfectly healthy people too. People sent for psychiatry evaluation by federal road safety officials, people “japaing” out of Nigeria who need medical certificate of fitness, children going back to school, these are my favourites.

My current posting is taking place in a new environment and I love the change in scenery. The hospital is a smaller one compared to where I’m from, but in a way I love the compactness. In a few steps, you arrive wherever you want to go.

The first day I reported though, I nearly suffered agoraphobia because of the number of patients I saw crowded at the GOPD and in fact every sitting area around the hospital, which made me say under my breath “this is indeed a general hospital”.

But that wasn’t the only thing I said under my breath. I also wondered why on earth I thought the hospital was a working environment I could bear being in for the rest of my life. I mean, what was the sixteen year old me thinking when she chose a career?

I know exactly what she was thinking but again, that is story for another day.

Today I’m just grateful to have started a new posting after a long delay. Today I’m grateful to have come to the end of the first week in this twelve week posting, yes, I’m counting days, because O&G is not a place I want to be for long.

But again at one time, seventeen year old me thought she would specialize in O&G. I’m laughing in Greek, please don’t let me laugh alone.

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