Nigerian Bae

Nigerian Bae

I started writing about Nigeria in January of 2012 following the Occupy Nigeria protests, during which time a deep concern was birthed in me for the nation. This culminated in the first article I wrote: Wisdom For Young Protesters.

Over the next year I wrote about fifteen more articles until late 2013 when I had to leave Nigeria’s troubles to attend to my own.

But I have since learnt how to multitask when it comes to handling troubles, so I should be able to write more on this series going forward.

In recent times, my views are much more refined than they were when I started, but some fundamental truths and the issues we face as a nation haven’t changed over the years. 

So while some early articles make me cringe, I’ve decided to share them all the same. If you cringe while reading them as well, you are not alone.

Start reading from my first article here


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