Parable of Corona

Parable of Corona

Last year, a colleague of mine died, whom I didn’t really get to know very well, though many people had a lot of good things to say about him. During that mourning process however, I gained this instruction:

Whenever you are faced with any unexpected, painful and seemingly senseless event, don’t just mourn, don’t just ask questions without answers or wish it never happened, seek the instruction in it.

There’s always an instruction in anything happening in our environment, whether good or evil. It’s never senseless, never meaningless, there’s often a proverb or a parable within it to be deciphered.

The COVID 19 pandemic is not an exception.

The way I see it, this pandemic is a Subtraction process.

Whenever God wants to introduce something new on the earth, this addition is usually preceded by a subtraction! The coming of the Holy Spirit onto earth was preceded by a subtraction – the death of Jesus! A cruel death orchestrated by the rulers of this age who knew nothing about the addition God had in mind.

And for the disciples, even though that subtraction was an unexpected, seemingly senseless and anti-climactic event, in the midst of it came an instruction to them from Jesus when He appeared to them following His resurrection:

“Behold, I send the Promise of my father upon you, but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high”

They followed that instruction and a major life changing Addition came into their lives in person of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Thereafter, they witnessed a dramatic shift in their lives and ministry and birthed a movement still in existence on earth today.

Now, people are being subtracted from our world by this pandemic, so are businesses, support structures, traditional systems, etc. But in the midst of all these, instructions are also going out from Jesus, to people impacted by this subtraction, who are attentive and focused on him.

What we will see in days, weeks and months following this pandemic, are people who have received this addition into their lives by following instructions, who will go on to do unprecedented exploits and lead the rest of the world into this new thing God is doing, which is inapparent to all.

So, if you can identify something this pandemic has subtracted from your life – a loved one, a job, resources, even a mind-set; if you can point to an instruction you received from Jesus in the midst of that subtraction, then I can safely predict that the post pandemic season will not be business as usual for you.

It will be like the era of Acts of the Apostles! And everything you have experienced or achieved in the past will pale in comparison.


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