Place a Premium on People

Importance of people in your life

Place a Premium on People

Sometime ago, I put out a poll on social media on what people thought they needed more to fulfil their dream; people, cash or skill.

Majority went with cash like I expected, skill came in second, fewer people thought they needed people more.

But I’ll tell you what I need more: People.

Because the right people can connect me with cash and the right people can make up for the skill I lack.

People, the right people, are the indispensable element in the pursuit of any dream or endeavour.

In one of my videos on youtube, I compared people to links similar to the ones we come across online.

When you click the right links, they take you where we want to go. One link may take you to youtube where you can learn a particular skill, while another link takes you to fiverr where you can make money online.

About a year ago, I connected with someone through a mutual acquaintance and till date that must have been the most strategic connection I’ve made as regards my creative journey.

Because connection to them meant connection to the skill I needed at the time, while their connection to me meant connection to the cash they also needed.

Dear reader, place a high premium on people, they are the couriers who deliver the resources you need to fulfil your dreams.

Anytime you ignore people or fail to value them correctly, you create deficits in areas of your life where those people should have added to.

Connect with the right people and they will connect you with your dream.

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