Wisdom For Young Protesters

Wisdom For Young Protesters

A young Christian man died yesterday in the fuel subsidy protest in Lagos. When he got to heaven the following conversation ensued:

GOD: What are you doing here so early my son?

YOUNG MAN: I have done nothing wrong my Lord! It was supposed to be a peaceful protest against the insensitivity and selfishness that the Nigerian Government exhibited in the past week by removing fuel subsidy. But during the protest, there was an accidental discharge from a security agent’s firearm and I was hit in the chest. I died en route the hospital.

GOD: Hmmm! Hmmm! (shakes head)

YOUNG MAN: Master! Master! I have done nothing wrong. I was only exercising my constitutional rights and protecting the interest of the Nigerian people. Hope I have a place in Heaven.

GOD: My son, I am sorry because you have thrown away the glorious destiny I had prepared for you. I had my eyes on you as one of the people I was raising for the salvation of Nigeria. I saw how much you loved your country and your heartfelt prayers for the nation every morning have not gone unnoticed. I have been preparing you as one of the Reformers that would bring about the change you so earnestly prayed for.

But now, you have forfeited your destiny because you sought to take the battle into your own hands. Didn’t you believe I could take care of you even if petrol sold at 200 naira?

YOUNG MAN: But I was trying to defend the poor and the defenceless

GOD: Who committed that work into your hands? Have I not called some for that purpose?

Have you never read how Moses was resisted by the children of Israel until I called him? Until I gave him a platform to defend them?

YOUNG MAN: Should I have just folded my hands doing nothing Lord?

GOD: All I expected from you were your prayers, patience and faith in my word- Vengeance is mine, I will repay. It was not in your place to judge the authority I instituted.

YOUNG MAN: I thought I was doing the right thing (sobs, sobs)

GOD: In this you have done foolishly. You have a place here although not the one originally intended for you. You must now watch and cheer on another man who has been chosen to bring the much desired TRANSFORMATION to NIGERIA.

References: Rom12: 17-21; Rom13: 1-7; 1Pet2: 13-16; 1Pet4: 14-19; Isaiah58: 11-12.

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