Your Vision is Possible

Your Vision is Possible

Every seed possesses within it the capacity to germinate and grow. Even so, every seed also needs the right conditions to thrive and grow.

We’re all here to express something; something that is already within us, something that also needs the right conditions to find expression.

It’s often said that you can’t become what you cannot visualize. When we say that, we mean you need to have a vision for your future in your imagination. But it also means you need a picture of your future in your environment. Because at every point, what you have as a vision is someone else’s reality.

Seeing and interacting with these kind of people is what awakens you to the possibility of your own vision becoming a reality as well.

Your expression is linked to your exposure. Without the right exposure, you’ll never be able to express yourself maximally.

No teacher hands mathematical questions to their students without giving them examples. And no matter how difficult a question may seem, once an example is given, the student knows it’s solvable. Even though the question is not the same as the example, the same principle gives the solution.

Your vision is possible. But are you getting the right examples? Are you giving yourself the right exposures? Your exposures expand your mind, and your mind creates solutions.

So explore the world around you, find inspiration from the expressions you see; this is the key to your own unique expression and the fulfilment of your vision.

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